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Optimal Performance

Nov 18, 2020

Steven C. Hayes is a professor and author of over 44 books and over 600 scientific articles. He co-created

Acceptance Commitment Therapy which has stood up to decades of testing and study. 

It's simply a better way to make decisions in your life. 

In this fascinating episode we cover:

•What is the simple definition of Acceptance Commitment Therapy

•How important it is to open up to your emotions in your decision making.

•What is the importance of facing darkness, how does it allow us to move forward in our lives with intention.

•The use of ACT in Psychedelic Research Studies - tearing down the gate keeper of your consciousness.

•How can we learn lessons from visceral emotions like anger and fear.

•How to capitalize on the anxiety you face during high performance activities.

•How to increase your psychological flexibility?

•If you allow yourself to habitually react (rather than respond) to adversity

•The damaging trend of the celebration of victimhood and virtue signaling

•How important it is to take responsibility for how painful experiences are being carried in you. How blame and shame don’t help for yourself or toward others.

•1.Empowering the sense of self 2.Cognitive openness 3. Emotional openness 4.. flexibile attention in the now. 5. Values identification 6. committed action.

•Hoe ACT is used in sports and performance

•Blogs on Psych today and Medium