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Optimal Performance

Oct 26, 2020

Justin Stenstrom has an inspiring story.

From depressed, repressed and anxious to fulfilling his dreams and optimizing his health, Justin has done a lot of work. 

Justin is the founder of Elite Man Magazine and the host of the Elite Man Podcast. 

In this episode we cover:

•Justin's story of how a guy transcended depression, anxiety, to gain confidence and speak start his own nationally recognized brand

•Huge fan of celery juice from Anthony William - The Medical Medium - to deal with early Parkinsons

•The most important things men can do in order to keep their shit together during this time.

•Relationships are really really important. Date. Make connections.

•Sleep 7-9 hours a night. Sweat everyday.

•How important it is to stand up for yourself. Speak your mind.

•Why it’s less and less ok to “Be a Man”

•How can men honor their manhood gracefully.

•How important it is to disagree respectfully.

•What’s the balance between optimal performance and having peace in your life.