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Optimal Performance

Sep 29, 2020

Quantified Bob Returns!

Bob Troia returns for another mind-blowing interview. 

In this episode we cover Bob's approach for doing a 5-day water fast. What to do before, during after - and why you should consider doing it. 

Download his Breathing App here

•Motivation for water fast

•Bob does it once per quarter, gives the organs a break,

Tips: Don’t eat a huge meal before beginning the fast

•Make sure you have proper minerals and electrolytes. Use mineral water, or pink Himalayan salt.

•Re-feed syndrome, and how to break a 5-day water fast

•Walter Longo and the fasting mimicking diet- for the regeneration benefits

•Bob watched HRV, and other biometrics, ketone bodies, glucose levels with •Starting the fast Sunday afternoon

•50% mineral water 50% spring water

•Exercise during a 5-day water fast and gluconeogenesis

•“It’s a great sensation - the trick is to not go crazy eating after the fast, when you actually come out of it.”

•“The fast was actually kicking up my immune response.”

•“I saw sleep quality improve throughout the fast”

•Many find the second day is the hardest

•Working out during the fast

•His new breathwork app

•What Bob does for stress

•How he uses brain entrainment