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Optimal Performance

Sep 22, 2020

Dr. Tommy John believes that immune systems beat pandemics. 

He believes we are not in a pandemic. And many agree with him. 

In this blow-the-lid-off episode we cover topics head on:

•What have you put into your body today answer is awesome!

•7 moves to the spinal hygiene protocol

•The importance of taking care of your spine daily

•The power of staying connected with your spine for staying youthful

•How leaders in wholistic health are now pariahs.

•How our own personal health choices and lifestyles will preserve a healthy future for our children.

•Agenda 21, Event 201, Agenda 2030

•Who are the perpetrators of this health attack?

•Being self-sustaining beats the system

•Buying local

•An appeal to all those in the health field to speak up!

•Be as self-sufficient as you can be.

•A mega list of leaders in health that TJ follows

•How his Chiropractic Clinic is running during quarantines and lock-downs

•A look at the future of health