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Optimal Performance

Sep 15, 2020

For the first duo-guest episode - we've got a research scientist and phd behavior expert. 

Chris Burres - founder of MyVitalC the cutting edge C60/ESS60 longevity product AND Therapist and Behavioral Expert Patrick Wanis are a complimentary duo. 

In this episode we cover:

•Why the invisible monster Corona is much more detrimental to your brain

•Isolation and looking inward

•Is what I’m doing valuable at all?

•”People’s sleep has been impacted because of the psychological impact of the pandemic”

•”Life is experienced in four realms: Physical Mental Emotional and Spiritual”

•The importance of recognizing the grieving process associated with the pandemic, dramatic change or loss

•The way we respond to these challenges immediately effects our sleep

•The horrible emotional sleep spiral. Lack of sleep effects our ability to deal with emtions

•Only 1% of the population can deal with less than 6 hours of sleep

•If you go 24 hours without sleep, you are equivalent of .1 blood alcohol level

•The Seven Emotions That Are Holding You Hostage Right Now:

-Fear & Anxiety

-What media are you exposing yourself to?

•What the science says about naps

•More sleep tips

•Does alcohol help you relax for sleep?

•When was the last time you sat down and evaluated your core values?

•”You need to be flexible, pliable and adaptable right now”

•The importance of social support