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Optimal Performance

Sep 7, 2020

Dr. Christopher Shade is waaaaaay ahead of the curve. His company Quicksilver Scientific create massively effective, and totally innovative products for Optimal Health.

An expert in all things biohacking, health and performance, Chris has appeared on Ben Greenfield Podcast, Bulletproof Radio and more. 

In this ranging conversation we cover:

•Awesome answer to “What have you put into your body”

•How his biology transformation started, metal out of his mouth and heavy metal detoxification

•Delivery systems like liposomal and nano-emulsions

•NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide), Resveritrol,

•The power of nano emulsions.

•How does Push-Catch Liver Detox protocols work - pushing toxins into bile and excreting them

•Heavy metal detox for autism

•How can you do acute immune system boosting quickly

•How to boost your terrain through detoxification

•”Toxins disregregulate your immune system”

•”Metals are really crazy in the way they manifest in people and the things they make people do.”

•The importance of getting your cavitations cleaned out.

•All of these things (biohacks) that we do have to be natural and fun. And then we’re going to live a long time.”

•Webinars on YouTube…30+ 90 min lectures