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Optimal Performance

Jul 22, 2020

Paul Chek is a living LEGEND

In the world of nutrition, performance and spirituality Paul Check is the most widely influential figure of our time. 

Speaker, Coach, Consultant, Author, Inventor and WAY MORE 

I do not exaggerate when I say that every single word uttered in this podcast is useful. Paul and I dive deeply into our current world predicament including how we got into this sick mess, and what's necessary to get us out. 

In this episode we cover: 

•The blatant issues with the coronavirus narrative

•How each human being is a cell in the body of one organism called humanity

•How humans as citizens of nature, of the planet

•The change we're going through and how the ego is resistant to it

•Sickness, low-energy make it harder to grow into the changes

•The laundry list of things we’re addicted to believing

•How we’re brainwashed by corporations

•The importance of natural farming techniques and our relationship with nature

•The problem with organizations hiding behind Christianity

•Why you can’t change people’s minds.

“It’s not a medical system, it’s a disease maintenance system.”

“The ego loves to create the illusion of safety, security and control.”

“The church doesn’t make money when people become enlightened so they got rid of psychedelics tried to kill off all the mystics that told the truth.