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Optimal Performance

Jul 14, 2020

Troy Casey is The Certified Health Nut

One minute on his Instagram and you'll know why. His search for medicinal substances in the Amazon, His Liquid Sunshine, His 6-pack and thick beard and His innovate ideas about lifestyle and the future of health are undeniable. 

This was an awesome and meandering conversation about:

•Troy works with clients to help them totally change their lives

•4 Needs - Humans Water, Food, Shelter, Fire (Tech)

•Our bodies are out of balance

•Life creates the conditions for more life

•”It’s time to…come around the fire and talk about what matters most"

•Troy thinks we’re in a sophomore Kardashian consciousness

•”We did allopathic for about 150 years and where did that take us? We’re the sickest nation out there.”

•Hydration, Organic Food, Exercise, Sleep, Breathing, Grounding, Thinking, Relationships, Nature

•Getting back to basics.

•Re-connecting the body with

•Awakening to wholistic health before you have that life crash moment

•”Most fit people aren’t healthy and most healthy people aren’t fit.”

•What free things can you do get your health and health education dialed in.

•The power of tobacco to eradicate the negative effects of toxic molds.