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Optimal Performance

259 Stop "Hacking Your Sleep" With Dr. Dylan Petkus

May 18, 2020

Dr. Dylan Petkus goes to bed at 830 or 9 each night. When was the last time you went to bed at 9? 

Dr. Dylan has committed himself to the study of Circadian Health as well as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Hashimoto's, Fibromyalgia and other ailments with similar symptoms. 

His wisdom is fascinating 

In this episode we cover:

•Keeping hacks away from bedtime

•Exogenous Melatonin - cold showers - sleep induction mats - infrared sauna - red light therapy

•Metabolic issue with people with chronic fatigue.

•A case against red light therapy

•Why cold showers aren’t for everyone

•His residency process created awareness around how disrupted sleep was for effected populations

•Why relying on sleep help crutches is a bad idea

•The overuse of prescription sleep aids

•Chronic Fatigue leads to poor sleep and visa versa

•Initiating sleep and staying asleep are totally different things. ATP drives it.

•Melatonin the premier antioxidant

•Similarities between chronic fatigue, Hashimoto and Fibromyalgia

•Likely increases in future diagnosis of chronic fatigue

•Covid as a neuro-invasive issue