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Optimal Performance

Apr 22, 2020

Mike Salemi is a BEAST. Kettlebell Champion, Movement Specialist, Performance Coach and mentee of Paul Chek

His approaches to performance of the mind, body, emotions and spirit are next level. So it's no surprise he's a highly sought after speaker and teacher. 

His Kettlebell Lifestyle program is ROBUST!

He's offering 15% off the pre-sale to the course. If it's anything like the content he shares on Youtube it's awesome. 

In this episode we cover:

•Why you need to move

•Specific exercises to re-start some movement during quarantine

•Processing emotions through simple movement

•The teachings of Paul Chek 

•Trusting your gut, and committing to learn.

•Focusing on movement for clearing emotion and moving it through the body

•Inner work, and how to do more working in so you can have higher output working out

•Rituals around working out, going to the gym

•Movement as medicine

•How to specifically re-start some movement and exercise during quarantine

•Start small if need be

•How simply tracking your movement makes you connect to it and stay more consistent.