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Optimal Performance

Mar 26, 2020

Del Bigtree is a former producer of the award winning medical show The Doctors. He's the producer of "Vaxxed" a documentary about a CDC whistle-blower. And Del is a returning guest to The Optimal Performance Podcast. 

In this episode we cover:

• Del Challenges scientists to show a single stat that shows that this is more deadly than the flu

• A thorough analysis of the limited data we have 

• The vaccine development process and what is original antigenic sin - vaccines only attack part of a protein, but allows other viruses - which then causes people to have the virus, without symptoms.

• Pharma insiders, are now working/leading the regulatory agencies we’re paying to help keep us safe.

• They’re already admitting that they are going to rush it to market, without sufficient safety tests, no placebo groups, 45 people. Will be the most scrutinized safety test in history. Phase 1 trials are going to be very tricky to manage

• We may never go back to where we were a month ago.