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Optimal Performance

Mar 16, 2020

Dr. Cate Shanahan is one of the worlds experts in burning fat...and we should all get better at burning fat.

Less body fat is one of the more important indicators of longevity. But many of us are confused and frustrated by lack of effective techniques. 

You are unique, and so should your approach to burning.

  • Customized Fat Burning Protocol
  • Fat Burn Factor Based on Questionnaire -
    • Key to longevity, and custom to you
    • Questions like: When you’re active, do you get excessively hot? = toxic fat in body fat = body doesn’t want to burn, only heat
    • When you’re hungry, do you get a headache? = Your brain isn’t getting enough energy from your body fat
  • PUFA!
  • TOP offenders foods that are damaging us - seed oils, refined carbohydrates
  • What has Dr. Cate changed her mind on last year -
  • Fresh food, organ meat, meat on the bone, fermented food
  • Why Carnivore or Vegan work - getting away from toxic foods in the food supply
  • How standard care doctors know only enough about nutrition to be dangerous
  • Demystifying Statins - who should use them
  • What does Deep Nutrition mean
  • Fats that our bodies want