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Optimal Performance

Jan 5, 2020

This episode is an instant classic. 

Robb Wolf needs no introduction. 

The Paleo Solution changed the way we think about nutrition. 

Wired To Eat helped us optimize our diets. 

Robb's Podcast along side his wife Nicki The Healthy Rebellion Radio continues to answer our questions about how to live our best lives. 

His courses, upcoming book and his contribution on the groundbreaking new film Sacred Cow continue to deliver critical information in a time of great division regarding how we grow our food. 

In this episode we cover:

•The importance of looking at critical metabolic shifts as indicators to larger health issues.

•What is metabolic syndrome?

•The best resources to learn about health and wellness?

•Importance of knowing lipoprotein count beyond cholesterol counts

•Rob’s shifts in podcast, book and film centered around meat eating, nutrition and global food production

•How sustainable animal husbandry actually may have a net climate benefit. An idea that many fringe folks struggle with.

•How did we get to this insanely extremist argument about food and climate change?

•Selling freedom under the guise of security

•The James Wilks v Chris Kresser debate, and why Robb refuses to participate in debates about nutrition and sustainability

•Spiritual virtue signaling by vegans and vegetarians. Native Tribes don’t buy it.

•Access to animal products are major factor for success later in life.