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Optimal Performance

Dec 9, 2019

Your genes are fixed. You can't change them, but you can work with them to be your best. 

Seena Rezvani from Dr. Anythony Jay's sits down with me to make a STRONG case for knowing you AND YOUR FAMILY'S genetic data to live longer with fewer diseases.

In this episode, which is divided into two sections, we cover the reasons why you should know your problematic genes, and take the proper steps toward preventing deleterious genetics. 

In the second section of the podcast, we go through my actual 23andMe data, and you can follow along with my genes (which you and I may share) and what steps we can take to optimize the problem genes. Go ahead and follow along with the podcast by clicking through HERE to see my genetic data and compare that to your 23andMe data. 

In this episode we cover categories of the genetic report and more:

Brain Optimization Genes

-Alzheimers etc, anxiety, impulsivity

Diet Optimization Genes

-Diabetes, Obesity, Heart disease, Gut, Skin

Vitamin, Hormone & Detox Genes

Iron, Testosterone, Estrogen, Thyroid, Histamines, B vitamins

Gym Genes

Muscle type, Bone, Pain sensitivity,

Sleep Genes

•Should we worry about organizations having our genetic information?

•The story of someone he worked with who learned about sex hormones and propensity for lower testosterone. Then confirmed in the bloodwork, then they made major changes

•How knowing your genetic predispositions are essential for optimal performance.

•Why should people give a shit about doing DNA testing and knowing their genetic markers

•Journey from curious about his own genetics to becoming a DNA consulting coach

•The importance of watching foods that increase histamines (allergic symptoms)