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Optimal Performance

Nov 4, 2019

Doesn't everyone want to be able to control their emotions more effectively? 

Sean Webb is one of the more unique thinkers and authors you'll ever come across. He knows more about how the mind works than anyone else you've heard of. 

Sean's Framework here - LINK:

In this episode we cover:

•What exactly is happiness (there are two types)

•Observing emotions & having the choice of whether or not to use them

•Understanding your emotional process

•Avoiding emotional fallout

•How naming your emotions are effective in managing them. 

•The dread associated with “Making it” and the transient nature of happiness.

•How NOT to identify your personality with one emotion or another

•The explanation of how loved ones are also included in our definition of self

•A lot of what we do in our waking awareness is tied to our physiology especially our limbic system

•The difference between little s self and big S self