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Optimal Performance

Oct 28, 2019

Dr. Payson Flattery has been injecting himself with all sorts of awesome bio-hacking concoctions for almost 20 years. 

Dr. Flattery runs a Regenerative Medicine clinic called Bend Regenerative Medicine where people from all over the world come to receive cutting edge recovery and pain management treatment. 

Plus, the dude is a beast of an outdoorsman. 

In this episode we dive deep into the early treatments and how regenerative medicine is now looking to exosomes and peptides to treat many many maladies. 

We cover:

•What sorts of physical issues are best treated with Regenerative Medicine?

•The evolution of Regenerative techniques from pummace to dextrose to PRP, testosterone, GH, mixed with dextrose, Stem Cells, Exosomes

•How to Stem Cells work?

•What are Exosomes?

•What are peptides? How are they useful? What does the research say? BPC157 

•Is it a good idea to do full-body stem cell treatments?

•Contrasts between standard surgical treatments versus regenerative medicine

•Where are the stem cells and exosomes coming from? What’s the process of getting pre-natal stem cells? Do they test those stem cells?

•Dr. Flattery's predictions that exosomes may be effective for cancer treatments in the future.