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Optimal Performance

Jul 29, 2019

Dr. Anthony G. Beck calls himself a sever up-streamist

What the hell does that mean? It means that the lapse in your health and mine has little to do with what you're experiencing. Our deficiencies in health and optimal performance are attributable to something more fundamental. 

I like that logic. 

Dr. Beck and I talk through the current paradigm of click-baity headlines, false promises and fad movements. I really enjoyed our conversation and I think you will too. 

In this episode we cover:

• The 2-3-5-8 Balanced Protocol

• The most common issue people complain about - lack of energy

• The problem with "name it blame it claim it tame it" approach to health

• The problem with slick marketing and nitching… (anti-gluten, anti-lectin etc.)

• The issue with health experts speaking in absolutes (Sith)

• Nutrition is not just what you’re eating but what your individual body can attune to

• Your mental state while you eat will determining how you use that food