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Optimal Performance

Jul 19, 2019

Dr. of Chiropractic Michael Pound from healbetterfast designed a pretty badass pillow


USE CODE: OPTIMAL50 for $50 off your pillow

The Perfect Fit Pillow checks a lot of boxes for me. My bedding is all  organic latex, wool and cotton - but my old pillow was cheap memory foam that off-gassed for months. 

Email the team at for more information.

It's adjustable - made without flame retardants or formaldehyde - low VOC

Our conversation was very interesting - focusing on pain and sleep:

  • Pain is in the mind - which is why opiates, pain pills are soooo overly prescribed and abused.
  • Chronic pain is the most common cause of long-term disability in the US
  • Almost 100 of our pain is mis-attributed. We think it’s one thing and it’s almost always something else.
  • Sleeping and sitting postures are screwing everyone up.
  • Accelerated arthritis, break down etcetera with a kinked neck  during sleep.
  • US Pure Certified, Low Chem, Bamboo fiber pillow case
  • Why you shouldn’t spend a ton of money on a bed. Start with 4 lb high density memory foam topper - $200-300 - density and high quality is important
  • What makes a good pillow?