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Optimal Performance

Jul 15, 2019

Joe Cohen hacks. 

Joe is the founder or Selfhacked a world-class resource for all things personal optimization including PhD reviewed articles on topics from mitochondria optimization to N-Acetylcisteine. At Selfdecode - The world’s most comprehensive DNA-based health hacking tool to improve brain health, sleep, and reduce inflammation - Joe and his team take your 23andme data as well as your recent blood work to create custom protocols to help you live optimal. 

In this episode however, we dig into a couple of fascinating topics very deeply. Microdosing LSD and how the new Google medic updates have made it very hard to find alternative (biohacking) information on the web. 

For context, Google's latest updates have crushed alternative health companies through lumping alternative health resources together and ranking them lower - regardless of their scientific support, review or validity. It's a travesty.

In this episode we cover:

• The case for consuming nutritional yeast (brewers yeast)

• Microdosing LSD and various protocols

• Google's new search updates including a point-by-point plan to help you find the best biohacking information online HINT - Stop using google for health info

I hope you enjoy this podcast as much as I did.