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Optimal Performance

Jul 10, 2019

Anthony literally wrote the book about Biohacking Secrets

This is the type of podcast episode where you feel like you're a part of the conversation - I really enjoyed this episode. 

He knows his stuff and his coaching testimonials on his site tell the whole story. Anthony has given you a special offer through the coaching service he provides:


In this episode we cover:


  • Anthony’s definition of biohacking
  • How can we look, feel and think the way we want to? 
  • 4 ROOT CAUSES driving health deficiency and lack of performance: Stress - Toxins, Infections 
  • Importance of knowing your baselines.
  • Dr Mercola, NAD suppositories
  • STEP 1 for biohacking your health is to increase energy and motivate people to make more changes
  • His heavy metal detox protocol - quicksilver push catch, DMSA, ETDA suppositories, coffee enemas
  • Plant medicines for battling depression
  • The importance of proiritizing personal happiness.
  • Types of breath work for cardio and sauna 
  • Sun gazing upside down
  • The importance of learning how to show love, give love and receive love.
  • How our genes are evolved to keep us alive, they don’t really care about how much we love our life.