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Optimal Performance

May 18, 2019

What happens when you nearly break your ankle half-way through your first of 7 ultramarathons?

You keep running. You talk to yourself. You ask the race to bring it on. You will yourself to, and do the IMPOSSIBLE.

 Joel Runyon's The Impossible List - tracks 100+ goals like "swim in every ocean," "bike across America," and "give $100,000 dollars away. So far he's raised nearly $200,000 for Pencils of Promise, which builds schools in communities that need them - through

Joel went from living in his parent's basement to living an adventurous life with purpose in no time. Now, he's inspiring thousands of other people from around the world tackle their impossible list, and live an inspired life.  

In this episode we cover:

• The mentality it takes to do the IMPOSSIBLE

• Mental tips for running Ultramarathons

• Building Businesses like The Ultimate Paleo Guide - Ultimate Meal Plans and Move Well

• How to create your own Impossible List

• Goal setting and goal execution

• Transcending self-limiting beliefs

• Protecting your schedule

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