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Optimal Performance

Jan 14, 2019

And here we go!

Shawn Baker MD - the leading proponent of the carnivore diet joins us for a second appearance on the OPP.

This approach to primal eating is gaining popularity across the globe due to the results people are experiencing. Alleviation of gut issues, lupus, Rheumetoid arthritis, chronic fatigue and chronic inflammation.

We dive deep into it's core as a food-allergy elimination diet and we cover the vegan agenda and the origins of vegetarianism in the western world, de-bunking the methane pollution myth, "Clean Meat," meat alternatives, dietary approaches for children, what eating only animal products is doing to my - ahem...waste protocol and much much more. 

This episode may shock you....and that's ok, we all need a little shocking from time to time. 

I (Sean) am participating World Carnivore Month Jan 2019 to see how my body responds and also to see what it does to a candida issue I'm dealing with in my gut. I share some of my experience in this episode too.