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Optimal Performance

Apr 24, 2018

On this podcast we sit down the cofounder of Eng3, Rowena Gates, which is a biotech company that sells and creates the NanoVi.  The NanoVi is a pretty incredibly technical and scientific little device that uses structured water to speed recovery. 

This incredible piece of biotech runs water through a tube that structures the water in such a way that when the vapor is inhaled, it is immediately absorbed into your body.  This helps with protein folding, which an essential part of our recovery and vitality.  The NanoVi helps people who are recovering from disease or radiation and it can be found in various clinics across the country.

Our convo ranges form how to use the NanoVi, who it could help, and what the possible potential is when using the NanoVi with regularity.  We also talk about oxidative stress and how the NanoVi helps it as well as complementary services and methods that you can use alongside the NanoVi to live a more optimal life.

As the masters and tinkerers of our own body who are always looking for the next breakthrough in performance tech and the NanoVi is that.  I've tried it a couple of times and I definitely received a bit of an energy boost (which is never a problem for me!)


  • Intro [3:30]
  • Rowena Gates' Stack [7:15]
  • What is oxidative stress and how do we supplement against it? [9:00]
  • What determines risk to oxidative stress? [12:30]
  • What is protein folding and why is it important? [14:30]
  • How did you get involved with longeivity devices? [18:30]
  • Can you describe how NanoVI works? [21:30]
  • What are some experiences that athletes have with NanoVi? [26:30]
  • What are some experiences that athletes have with NanoVi? [34:00]
  • How is data measured for longeivity? [39:00]
  • Difference between oxidation therapy and hyperbaric chambers? [41:00]
  • What do critics say about NanoVi? [44:00]
  • Sean's NanoVi Experience [46:00]
  • Examples of NanoVi at work for nonathletes? [52:00]
  • How do you buy a NanoVi? [55:00]
  • How can you measure the impact of the NanoVi? [61:00]
  • Is the NanoVi used in the healthcare system? [63:30]
  • What's coming up next? [65:00]
  • Outro [67:00]

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