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Optimal Performance

Dec 11, 2017

Is Virtual Reality the Future of Fitness Devices & Fitness Tracking?

That's exactly what we discuss with Wellovate founder Joe Morgan as we explore potential applications for their mixed reality health and wellness platform.

A collaboration between 3 doctors, Wellovate is creating an innovative health and wellness experience that may change the way we see health and fitness, the way we track it, and the way our personal devices can integrate with clinician's software.

On this episode, we talk to Dr. Joe Morgan about:

  • Meet Wellovate and the doctors behind it
  • The most important health metric to track
  • How many steps a day do we really need?
  • Why Dr. Morgan says "don't miss the simple stuff"
  • General --> Customize --> Personalize
  • The importance of making health goals relevant to our individual health risks and family history
  • (See last week's podcast with Dr. Anthony for more on how to decode your DNA to discover individual health risks)
  • How fitness trackers are moving toward more valid and useful devices
  • A picture is worth a thousand words, but a 3 dimensional one is worth a million
  • The "nerds that know they need to workout"
  • Cheapest genetic test in existence is to ask your parents
  • How Wellovate plans to disrupt health and wellness
  • Keep it simple, you don’t have time unless you make time and spend time with people that are healthy to your life
  • Dr. Joe Morgan's Top 3 Tips to #LiveOptimal