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Optimal Performance

Dec 4, 2017

This week on the OPP, we’re decoding our genetics by analyzing 23&Me data with Dr. Anthony Jay.
Author of Estrogeneration and a previous guest on the OPP (#97), Dr. Jay is back to talk Epigenetics by using our 23&Me data to look at our single nucleotide polymorphisms, or snips (SNP).
These polymorphisms (not mutations), or DNA snips are the most common variations in our genes, playing a direct in the function of those genes and serving as biological markers for certain disease risks, among other health implications.
Dr. Jay analyzes 23 & Me to investigate 3 key areas: detoxification, disease risk, and overall health.
On this episode, Dr. Jay analyzes my DNA snips and you’ll hear:
  • How single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP or snips) occur and how scientists use them as biological markers
  • What these DNA snips reveal about our disease risks and other epigenetic tendencies
  • The 3 crucial areas Dr. Jay analyzes
  • My results
  • What our detox genes reveal about our affinity for adrenaline, our ability to clear medications and caffeine from our system, and why bad coffee is a real thing
  • What we can learn about our genetic risk for certain diseases - especially Alzheimer’s
  • The exact genes and snips we need to looks at for this data
  • The MTHFR gene, methylation and what you need to know about folic acid before you take another supplement
  • Dr. Jay also reveals the genes that 23&Me stopped reporting and why this should cause concern
  • The Top 3 Books Dr. Jay has read this year
  • And more…