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Optimal Performance

Oct 23, 2017

Multiple experts and industry leaders answering rapid fire questions in one episode of the Optimal Performance Podcast can only mean one thing - it's Hot Seat time.

A fan-favorite format, the 2017 Bulletproof Conference edition of the OPP "Hot Seat" features: 


  • Brain expert Jim Kwik
  • Nutrition pioneer Jonny Bowden
  • Natural medicine big-wig Dr. Joseph Mercola
  • PaleoChef & Phat Fudge Creator Mary Shenonuda
  • Fat-burning expert Dr. Anthony Gustin,
  • Film-maker, Writer, And Speaker Max Lugavere
  • Mushroom Master Skye Chilton

Pay close attention in the Skye Chilton section for a Natural Stacks coupon code and check out Jim Kwik's challenge for a chance win a special prize.

Tag @jimkwik and @naturalstacks with your biggest AH-HA moment from this episode – Best answer will get free gift from Jim.