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Optimal Performance

Sep 18, 2017

Episode #139 of the OPP gives you a front row seat to the amazing speakers at the Success Live Conference run by Success Magazine. 

The event featured some of the world’s leading speakers, writers, scientists and innovators - Peter Diamandis, Dr. Daniel Amen, Jocko Willinck, Brendon Burchard, Keith Ferrazi, Mel Robbins, Tom Bilyeu Les Brown, and John Gray, just to name a few...

This episode of the OPP is the edited and distilled version of my notes - given you all of the major bullet points, quotes, and takeaways from every speaker.

From start to finish, this episode is packed with 63 gems along with the 5-6 themes that seemed to permeate the weekend, regardless of who was speaking. #LiveOptimal