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Optimal Performance

Sep 11, 2017

Today’s episode of the OPP features straight-shooting Texas-based holistic doctor, Stephen Lewis who specializes in chronic fatigue syndrome, thyroid issues and heavy metal detoxification.
On this episode, we talk about why US chicken farmers won’t eat their own chickens (you shouldn’t either), how heavy metal get into our bodies, disrupt hormonal function and health and what you can do about, as well as other strategies to detoxify our bodies and help optimize our health and energy levels.
Dr. lewis shares some of his favorite vitamins, minerals, and herbs for detoxification, hormone optimization, cancer-fighting, and energy metabolism.
We cover:
  • Differences in US vs European health and obesity levels
  • Why chicken farmers won’t eat their own chickens
  • Heavy metal detoxification - arsenic, lead, mercury…
  • Why grumpy polar bears are indicative of global toxic loads
  • Cadmium and men’s prostate health
  • "Detoxify or Die"
  • Why 6-week detoxes suck and what you need to do to turn on your natural detoxification pathways
  • Top causes and indicators of chronic fatigue - and what you can do about it
  • Vitamin B5 for stress, and the power of Selenium and Ashwaganda
  • Cancer and hypo-methylation
  • Is magnolia bark the next super supplement?
  • Road rage in the US vs other other countries
  • Why finding peace is so powerful for our health