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Optimal Performance

Sep 7, 2017

Find out why the world's top neuroscientists believe this "groundbreaking" device can reduce body fat and change our set points without any changes to diet or exercise.

Neurovalens CEO Dr. Jason McKeown (trained under V.S. Ramachandran) has created a groundbreaking technology that uses vestibular stimulation to "biohack" the hypothalamus, the portion of our brain that serves as the control center for the hormones that regulate weight, appetite and body composition.

 On the show we talk about:

  • Discover how the hypothalamus controls body fat levels and appetite
  • Learn how neurovestibular stimulation works
  • Why our bodies are prepared to store fat than to burn fat (HINT: our ancestors were more likely to starve to death than overeat on a regular basis
  • Can MODIUS really help us lower this "set point"? And do it without changing our diet or exercise?
  • If it’s real, then it can withstand criticism and if it crumbles to criticism it wasn’t real
  • Do they see benefit other than the superficial body fat reduction? And what can they say without upsetting the FDA?
  • If this device works by replicating motion, why not walk or play flag football - something that is actually a motion, rather than stimulating it? (This Jason's ultimate goal, but he sees MODIUS as a bridge for millions.)
  • The paradigm shifting study done by NASA in the 60’s 
  • What you build your self-esteem around matters (Tom’s advice)
  • Why it's good to be open to being wrong

The Obesity Epidemic in the US has reached an all time high, with every state's population being > 20-25% obese, some states as high as 35-40%. MODIUS may be a life changing tool for millions of people who struggle to reduce fat.