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Optimal Performance

Sep 4, 2017

This episode of the OPP is for everyone who was ever told they were too short, too slow, or not good enough.

Told he was too short for years, Govert Viergever ignored the doubters, honed his craft, created an opportunity for himself and capitalized, earning himself a spot on the Dutch Olympic team for the 2016 Rio Games.

After a 5th place finish, he and teammates have their sights set on gold in 2020 and today, Govert is on the OPP explaining how biohacking and functional medicine have fueled his success.

Focused and determined to succeed, Govert explains how he's using neurofeedback, cold and hot thermogenesis, keto dieting in his training program and he shares the secrets to behind his training, recovery, mindset and more:

  • Chasing your dreams despite the doubters and obstacles
  • How Govert plans his training to develop both aerobic (power) and anaerobic (endurance) capacities 
  • Find out how he cycles his carbs and use the ketogenic diet to support these training goals
  • The difference between having a condition, and being a condition - "I may have a splinter" but that doesn't mean "I am a splinter"
  • Tackle the problems you can measure
  • Tracking HRV, sleep, and using the Oura Ring
  • Goal setting and staying focused for a 4-year training cycle from 1 Olympic Games to the next