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Optimal Performance

Jul 10, 2017

Ben Greenfield is back on the OPP to discuss his newest project, gratitude journaling.

Ben explain his own gratitude rituals - answering 3 simple questions first thing each morning while he measures his HRV in bed (don't worry, I get Ben to explain his HRV routine as well.)

We dive deep into the science of gratitude and reveal the 5 ways gratitude practices change our brain - including increased physical health, mental health, improved resiliency, better sleep, and enhanced activation of the brain regions that control serotonin and dopamine.

Since no conversation with Ben would be complete without his latest biohacks and experiments, we also cover:

  • Oxytocin injections
  • Live O2 for hyper and hypo-oxygenation to boost mitochondria function
  • Red Light Therapy
  • Telomere protection
  • Ben's Top 3 tips to fight aging
  • And much more...